Tesco has changed the recipe of three own-label doughnut lines to reduce their sugar content. 

The jam-filled, custard-filled and sugared large ring doughnuts made from the new recipe will be rolled out across all stores that sold the previous versions by mid-February.

Milk has replaced egg in the recipe as part of the sugar-cutting process, meaning they are no longer dairy-free.

Responding to a customer query on Twitter, the retailer said the addition of milk allowed for a “soft and fluffy texture” shoppers would expect from a doughnut and noted that it had placed an updated allergy alert on packaging to inform customers of the change.

“Since January 2015 we have removed over 8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt from over 2,000 products. Our doughnuts are one example where we have reformulated products to make them healthier, without compromising on taste,” a spokesperson for the retailer told British Baker.

All new recipes have been tested by a panel of customers before going on sale.

Last year Tesco changed the recipe of its own-label custard creams to reduce salt and sugar content, but the move provoked upset with some Twitter users.

Sugar reduction is high on the agenda for manufacturers and retailers, with a variety of lower-sugar products rolling out over the past year, including a Disney cake range by Finsbury. Waitrose, meanwhile, has reduced the sugar of 15 own-label desserts by an average of 14%.