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Cheddar & Hot Honey Pinwheels

Quiches, pies, and pastries plus a sandwich, a wrap, and a cheesecake are among the new bakery items unveiled in the Waitrose summer 2024 range.

Recipes showcase the best of British with a twist, as well as Mediterranean and American influences. There are also a few spicy inclusions to match the hotter climate, plus an Instagrammable dessert.

Martyn Lee, product innovation & executive chef at Waitrose, commented that the range had been carefully curated based on AI food and drink trends and what had been seen in restaurants, food pop-ups, travels abroad, and social media.

“Creating delicious food which is ‘good for right now’ has been at the heart of our summer range. We know our customers are embracing the spirit of spontaneity when it comes to the summer months, they want less prep and to have the best food, at the right moment,” added Lee.

Globally inspired flavour combinations were also employed in the summer ranges of both Tesco and Co-op.

Full details for all 11 of the new summer bakery NPD at Waitrose are as follows:


A trio of new quiches has been launched for the sunny season, at £3.50 a pop. This includes the American-style Mac ‘n’ Cheese Quiche, which Waitrose describes as a fresh take on the comfort food classic. It features extra mature Cheddar and red Leicester cheeses mixed with sweet, sautéed onion, mustard, free range eggs, cream and macaroni, served in a shortcrust cheese pastry case and topped with a savoury cheese crumb and fried onions.

The Beetroot, Spinach & Mascarpone Quiche has mascarpone and spinach baked with free range eggs and double cream in a shortcrust pastry case, topped with caramelised balsamic beetroot. Completing the hattrick is the Cheddar, Courgette & Pea Crustless Quiche, made with courgette, peas, spinach, extra mature Cheddar, free range eggs, double cream and a hint of mint on a crisp shortcrust pastry base.


Savoury Pastries

Waitrose said its fuss-free options help customers ‘embrace the joy of impromptu celebrations due to the nation’s changeable weather’. Among its new savoury pastry lines are the classic Snack Sausage Rolls (£3.50 for a 12-pack), which have seasoned sausage meat wrapped and baked in flaky puff pastry. Additionally, there’s the ‘small but mighty’ Pork & Apple Dinky Pies (£3.50 | 200g), comprising cured British pork with apple sauce, diced apple pieces and a hint of sage, baked in a rich hot water crust pastry and topped with a herby sprinkle.

Still on the British cuisine side is the Pork & Egg Gala Pie Slices (£3.50 for a two-pack), which feature selected cuts of cured British pork around a hard-boiled free range egg, all inside a rich hot water crust pastry finished with jelly.

The Cheddar & Hot Honey Pinwheels, meanwhile, have sweet and spicy hot honey sauce sprinkled with extra mature Cheddar cheese, wrapped in a buttery cheesy puff pastry and finished with smoky ancho chilli and herb crumb.

Travelling over to Italian inspirations are Nduja & Mozzarella Calzones, a baked puff pastry filled with spicy ’Nduja and mozzarella sauce with a hint of basil, glazed with egg yolk and topped with a smoked paprika sprinkle.



A couple of favourite British meals have been adapted into on-the-go bakery formats. The Green Tikka Chicken Wrap (£3.85) contains tender chicken in an aromatic green tikka marinade, with pickled red onion and a kachumber salad (a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, unripe mangoes, and lemon).

The ‘mouthwatering’ Roast Chicken & Herby Pea Crush Sandwich (£3.90) features succulent chicken and crushed herby peas with a lemon and black pepper mayo.


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According to Waitrose, searches for ‘summer desserts’ are up 80% on its website versus last year. Consumers also have considerations for things that look good on social media, noted the retailer, which responded with the creation of its Lemon & Lime Daisy Cheesecakes.

Priced at £4 for a pack of two, they comprise smooth vanilla cheesecake with a zesty lemon and lime curd centre, on a crunchy digestive biscuit base.

“With more of us not only thinking about the delicious food to serve but also trying to create aesthetically pleasing summer tablescapes, our daisy cheesecakes make the perfect summer addition to a sunny soirée,” said Emily Bundy, Waitrose’s product developer for chilled desserts.