With Veganuary in full swing, bakers and café operators – and their customers – may be looking for the ideal tea pairing for their vegan bake.

Here, Kim Havelaar, founder of foodie-focused tea company Roqberry, gives her recommendations for vegan bakery and tea pairings


Vegan sausage roll or samosa

“The flaky pastry and savoury notes of a vegan sausage roll or a samosa go supremely well with chai,” says Havelaar. She suggests a Masala Chai with sugar to help balance a spicy samosa, while a Turmeric chai will round off the flavour experience of a milder vegan sausage roll.

Dairy- and egg-free chocolate cake

“Chocolate and black tea are a match made in heaven,” says Havelaar. “An English Breakfast will help balance the richness of a chocolate cake or, for a more indulgent experience, pair it with a black tea containing cacao nibs, cacao shells and raspberries.”

Dairy- and egg-free lemon drizzle cake

Roqberry suggests a citrus grey tea to accompany a lemon drizzle cake: “The citrus notes in the tea round off the flavour experience perfectly while the solid black tea base balances the sweetness of the cake,” says Havelaar.

Avocado sandwich with sundried tomato and pesto

“The vegetal notes of this trio work really well with green tea,” says Havelaar, suggesting the vibrant grassy sweetness of long jing green tea for “an uplifting lunch”.

Mushroom & spinach quiche

Roqberry would pair a Japanese green tea with the earthy flavours of a chickpea- or tofu-based quiche, describing the pairing as “delicious”. She suggests trying a sencha or gyokuro for an enhanced flavour experience.

Beetroot brownies

“When it comes to pudding, beetroot brownies are always a good idea,” says Havelaar, suggesting the bake is paired with Roqberry’s Star Mint tea – a herbal infusion of star anise, fennel and peppermint.