Dr Oetker Ultimate Inclusions chocolate chips mixes

Source: Dr. Oetker

A trio of sweet bakery ingredients has been recently rolled out by manufacturers including a brioche mix, cocoa butter drops, and indulgent chocolate chips.

These products are said to offer a range of advantages such as versatility, simplicity of use, vegan solutions, and elevating recipes to premium level.

We take a closer look at the three new ingredients becoming available to bakers:


Puratos new Easy Soft’r Brioche Mix can be used to create a variety of products

Source: Puratos

Easy Soft’r Brioche Mix, Puratos

This powdered 10% concentrate mix enables the production of numerous types of high quality brioche products – including traditional, plant-based, or lower fat varieties – ensuring a soft, moist crumb and long-lasting freshness. Described as simple to use, versatile and effective, the brioche mix can also be used in recipes created with sourdough to naturally enhance particular flavours.

“Easy Soft’r Brioche has been developed to add as much value as possible for bakers by offering convenience while improving texture and extending shelf life, but also giving them the freedom to customise their product ranges in the ways they want to,” said Ben Ledger, bakery marketing manager at Puratos UK.

Brioche has firmly secured itself as a mainstream offering, noted Ledger, serving as a premium carrier accompanying burger buns, hot dogs and sandwiches. Recent success stories in the category include brioche brand St Pierre reporting substantial growth this year, and a matcha green tea brioche crowned Britain’s Best Loaf 2023.

On the sustainability side, Puratos announced earlier this year that it was making changes that mean all its packaging will become 100% recycle-ready.


Stellar Cocoa Butter Drops, deZaan

Source: Henley Bridge

Stellar Cocoa Butter Drops, deZaan

Independent UK chocolate supplier Henley Bridge has unveiled a new range of pure, prime and pressed organic cocoa butter drops from deZaan. Available in 1kg bags, they are said to be sustainably sourced and offering ‘outstanding consistency and unparalleled quality’ with easy melting and product handling.

Henley Bridge development chef Samantha Rain described the cocoa butter drops as “incredibly versatile”. They can be used to adjust chocolate fluidity and viscosity to creating a glossy finish and enhanced snap, as well as being the “perfect base for spray gun applications”. Being 100% pure cocoa butter also means they’re suitable for vegans, which makes them ideal for plant-based ice creams and frozen desserts, according to Rain.

While not a common bakery ingredient due to its hardening at room temperature, cocoa butter has been used in products such as the recently relaunched IBS-friendly Cookie Buttons by Fodilicious.


Dr Oetker Ultimate Inclusions Chocolate Chip Mixes products

Source: Dr. Oetker

Chocolate Chip Mixes, Dr. Oetker

Foodservice baking brand Dr. Oetker has expanded its Professional products collection with the new Ultimate Inclusions range, including the Billionaire’s Chocolate Chips Mix and Rainbow Chocolate Chips Mix.

The former mix comprises real dark and white chocolate chips, toffee chunks and gold pearls, while the latter offering features white chocolate chips, multi-coloured chocolate beans, sugar strands, and strawberry flavoured crunch.

The expansion of the range came with the company noting research had suggested that consumers were looking to get more out of their out of home occasions and dining experiences. Menu trends data showed that 75% of consumers surveyed said they were willing to pay more for higher quality food, such as indulgent desserts.

Both chocolate chip mixes are specially formulated to hold their shape when baked, and can be added to the likes of cookies, brownies, blondies, tray bakes, pancakes, and doughnuts. They are made of up to 41% cocoa solids, are free from artificial flavours and preservatives, fully Rainforest Alliance Certified, and come in recyclable packaging. Available from September – rsp £11.99 – in Billionaire’s Chocolate Chip Mix (6 x 750g) and Rainbow Chocolate Chip Mix (6 x 850g).