British Bakels Ta-Da home baking range fillings

Source: British Bakels

Bakery ingredients supplier British Bakels has added four different fruity fillings to its direct-to-consumer home baking range.

Three of the new fillings, including strawberry, dark cherry and wild blueberry, are packed with whole fruit pieces and suitable for vegans. These can be added to cake or muffin recipes, Bakels noted.

Meanwhile, the new lemon creamy filling is non-dairy, free from egg and palm oil, and contains no artificial flavours. It offers a ‘deliciously smooth texture, simply perfect for home bakers to add a pop of flavour to their favourite bakes’, said the company.

The fillings have been created for use with sweet baking mixes of Bakels’ Ta-Da range, which was launched in November last year. The range is said to have been crafted by bakery experts with over 115 years of baking know-how.

Bakels claims the fillings are ‘super simple to use at home’, provide high versatility and bake stability, and come with recyclable packaging, allowing bakers to ‘treat their family and friends and be kind to the planet as well’.

All four new fillings are also freeze-thaw stable, meaning that consumers can bake their favourite creations, then freeze to enjoy later. Priced at £2.80 per 400g carton, the fillings are available for purchase exclusively via the Ta-Da website, where users can also find recipes and baking tips.

“British consumers look to baked goods to inspire ‘feel good’ moments and see them as essential to a balanced lifestyle,” said Bakels marketing manager Michael Schofield.

“Younger generations are discovering baking, while also exciting their memories of comfort foods. As experts in producing delicious ingredients, we know consumers of all skill levels are keener than ever to bake. The Ta-Da sweet mixes, and now the new fillings, give us the opportunity to share the joy of baking with as many people as possible,” he added.

Bakels also noted its filling flavours were in line with 2022 research conducted by Innova, which found that 47% of those surveyed said familiar flavours was their top influence on purchasing decisions. Thirty-seven percent of the survey group picked traditional and nostalgic flavours, ahead of new, unique, and different flavours (26%).