Bakels TaDa Pizza mix

Source: British Bakels

Bakery ingredients supplier British Bakels is to sell direct to consumers for the first time with the launch of its new Ta-Da mix range.

Comprising a Chocolate Brownie Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Vanilla Cake Mix, Pizza Base Mix, Triple Seed Bread Mix and White Bread Mix, the products will be available from a dedicated website at £3.50 each.

Sold in recyclable paper packaging, the mixes need minimal kitchen equipment, usually just a measuring jug, tin and a mixing bowl. All the mixes are suitable for vegetarians, and some are suitable for vegans.

“The Ta-Da launch takes us into an exciting new area, selling direct to the consumer, but it’s not a completely new approach for us,” said Bakels marketing manager Michael Schofield.

“Our core business model has always been to innovate and develop products to meet consumer and customer needs. We’re experts in producing high-quality ingredients, and we know consumers of all skill levels.”

He added that, as the cost of living continues to rise, many consumers will switch out-of-home dining for in-home activities they can enjoy with family and friends.

“The Ta-Da range captures this market and gives us the opportunity to share the joy of baking with as many people as possible.”

The Ta-Da sweet mixes focus on family favourites, with the Chocolate Brownie Mix making 12 chocolate chip brownies, and the Chocolate Cake Mix making a two-tiered cake or 15 chocolate muffins. The Pizza Base Mix produces a pizza base with sourdough, while the Triple Seed Bread Mix is high in fibre and can be made into two loaves or 12 rolls. The White Bread Mix with sourdough makes two loaves or 13 soft bread rolls.

“Baking from scratch can feel intimidating as it needs time, multiple ingredients, the right equipment, accurate measurements and a bit of skill and experience,” said Schofield. “As specialists in what we do, we’re sharing our expertise and fool-proof mixes with home bakers across the nation to take out the stress.”