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Source: Dawn Foods

Bakery ingredients suppliers are tapping current trends with new launches including single-origin chocolate and vegan glazes and mixes. 

A vegan sponge mix, an egg wash replacer and a ‘pro palm’ oil range are among the innovative ingredients highlighted in our latest NPD round-up:


Chocolat Madagascar Drops range - by Jorja W

Source: Henley Bridge

Chocolat Madagascar drops, Henley Bridge

Ingredients supplier Henley Bridge has unveiled a range of chocolate drops. Exclusive to Henley Bridge, the Chocolat Madagascar drops are available now and designed to make it easier for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers to use.

The Chef de Cuisine selection comprises six of the brand’s most popular chocolates in 2kg bags: Fine dark 70% couverture, Fine dark 100% couverture, Fine milk 50% couverture, Fine white gold 37% couverture (undeodorised), Vegan ‘Milc’ 40% cashew chocolate couverture, Vegan blanc 35% cashew chocolate couverture.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Chocolat Madagascar has listened to our customers and launched this new easy-melt format,” said Henley Bridge managing director Tracey Hughes. “We’ve had countless requests from artisans who love the range but have been apprehensive due to the extra work that comes with blocks.”

She added that demand for high-end, single-origin chocolate is increasing as consumers seek out unique flavour profiles with sustainable credentials.



Source: KTC Edibles

Planet Palm range, KTC Edibles

Oils supplier KTC Edibles has unveiled a range of certified sustainable, traceable and responsibly-sourced palm oil products.

The first releases in the Planet Palm range are a palm oil and three specialist bakery products: cake margarine, pastry margarine and shortening. All are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable segregated, offering traceability back to the refinery, KTC said.

KTC described the range as unashamedly ‘pro palm’, and hopes to combat some of the negative misconceptions about palm oil while encouraging customers to adopt sustainable solutions.

“Over the past 15 years, the food industry has shied away from promoting palm oil – with brands either hiding their use or switching out of palm altogether,” said KTC Edibles sales director Gary Lewis. “With Planet Palm, we’re doing something that’s never been done before - positioning palm oil as a positive product. This isn’t greenwashing - palm oil is the world’s most efficient oil crop, and when customers choose the right certified products, palm oil can be a responsible, sustainable option.”


Brioche rolls with chocolate chips in

Source: CSM Ingredients

Magic Glaze, CSM Ingredients

CSM Ingredients has launched an egg wash replacer designed to leave a ‘unique shine and golden colour on all sweet and savoury baked goods’.

Magic Glaze is supplied ready to use and can be applied in a thin layer with a brush or spray to pastry products including brioche, croissants, shortcrust and puff pastry. It is also suitable for use on sandwiches and breads such as focaccia.

Made with an unsweetened, water-based substitute with no preservatives, colours or flavours, it is suitable for vegans and is free from hydrogenated fats.

“Magic Glaze enables bakers to meet the 360° sensory trend, with consumers looking for diversity in taste, flavours, colours, texture and appearance of products,” said CSM Ingredients category director Sandrine Le Baud. “It produces a high yield, is easy to use meaning all skill levels can apply it and delivers results instantly. It’s a great replacement for eggs and milk, helping businesses use cost-effective methods to manage budgets and produce tasty, superior products.”


vegan sponge (1)

Source: Dawn Foods

Vegan Sponge Mix, Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods UK and Ireland has launched a vegan-certified Sponge Cake Mix that is described as offering the same functionality, texture and taste experience as a regular sponge cake mix.

V-label certified Dawn Balance Vegan Sponge Cake Mix is simple to use and results in a soft, light sponge that is versatile enough for flat, layered sponges and flexible enough to make stable Swiss rolls, said the supplier.

Dawn’s R&D team has used experience gained from the company’s Vegan American Mixes to develop a Vegan Sponge Cake mix with good batter structure and aeration, like any regular sponge, but without the use of eggs, added Dawn.

“Interest in veganism has seen rapid growth over recent years and as consumer demand continues to increase, vegan sweet bakery products are becoming a ‘must have’ in any bakery offering,” said Dawn Foods UK and Ireland marketing manager Jacqui Passmore.

Dawn’s vegan mixes range comprises American mixes, including a vegan cake donut mix, fillings, and naturally vegan fruit fillings.