A bakery/restaurant hybrid is to be opened by restaurateurs Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell next month.

Jolene, in Newington Green, North London, will open at 9am throughout the week and will have a bakery counter selling loaves and pastries, while offering a daytime menu featuring fresh pasta, stews and salads.

Teaming up with farmer Andy Cato, Jolene will make everything from scratch each day, milling Andy’s grains into flours for use in breads, pastries and fresh pastas. The grains are the core ingredient at Jolene, and will be showcased in most dishes from the kitchen.

Following suit from Cometto-Lingenheim and Gingell’s existing restaurants, Western Laundry and Primeur, the new premises will feature a daily changing menu.

“We decided to open a bakery restaurant that revolves around the grains rather than it just being another ingredient,” said Cometto-Lingenheim and Gingell.

“Our approach has always been attuned to the need for sourcing well-farmed produce, ethically grown with soil fertility in mind and tended with care. We’re bringing the same values and narrative to Jolene, this time with breads baked with Andy’s incredible grains.”

From 7pm Thursday to Sunday, the lights will be dimmed and the kitchen will dish up simple plates for dinner, with vegetables from Flourish farm in Cambridge, ethically-sourced fish from the day boats in Cornwall and Devon, and meat from a farming collective in North Yorkshire.

Pictured above: Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell. Image credit: Patricia Niven