Bakery ingredients manufacturer Zeelandia has held a workshop for students at the National Bakery School, London to showcase the science behind baking.

To support National Science & Engineering week (14-23 March), the business worked with BSc Bakery Technology Management students at the school, part of London South Bank University.

Andrew Taylor, technical and development specialist at Zeelandia, explained the scientific process behind weighing out ingredients, mixing and kneading by hand, as well as moulding bread into shape.

Taylor said: “The industry needs craftsmen and women with good brains - people who are analytical, disciplined and hungry to learn more about ingredients and processes. But it’s our job to help improve skill levels and to stimulate interest among bright young people.”

Leslie Gadd, bakery lecturer, added: “The students thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and it was great for them to understand how bakery ingredients play a role within industry and the link to science.”