Jones Village Bakery

Source: Jones Village Bakery

Jones Village Bakery has secured a contract to make buns and rolls for fast-growing burger chain Five Guys.

The deal was sealed when a team from the US company flew in recently to visit the supplier’s new ‘super bakery’ in Wrexham.

“They came to see us, and they were impressed with our wonderful facilities and it’s gone from there,” said Robin Jones, managing director of Jones Village Bakery. “They sent their top bakery team from the States to sign off on the buns and the rolls. If they do not sign it off, you do not supply them. It’s as simple as that. You have to have their seal of approval.”

The bread products will be made using ‘a secret American recipe that’s designed to provide the ideal accompaniment for the signature burgers and the hot dogs at Five Guys’, the bakery said.

“We’re making their hot dog rolls and their burger buns,” Jones said. “One style of burger bun is sesame topped. It’s a very rich product, the best quality flour, the best quality ingredients. We’ve used their American recipe. I can’t give their secrets away but it’s a very special bun and it’s absolutely delicious.”

Five Guys – so called because the business was founded by five brothers – currently has more than 130 branches in the UK and is opening outlets at a rate of between 15 and 20 a year.

“They’re opening up branches all the time but the thing I love about Five Guys is they’re so quality focused and their burgers and fries are amazing,” Jones said. “We’re going to supply all their stores in the top half of the UK, from Birmingham upwards.

“Our passion for quality is shared so I am incredibly excited by this new partnership,” the MD added. “We’re honoured to work with Five Guys.”