The Grocer’s Bridgethorne Shopper Index has shown that 60% of consumers are in favour of a sugar tax. 

Over 90% of those polled by The Bridgethorne Shopper Index for The Grocer said they had heard of the new measures, which will see a tax on sugary soft drinks come into effect next year.

Twenty-nine per cent said they definitely agreed with the sugar levy, 31% said they probably agreed, and 31% said they probably did not agree with it.

Of those surveyed, 52% said they were concerned about the amount of sugar in their food, which was up from 49% last August. This compared with 46% who worried about additives and 44% who were concerned about salt.

Almost a third of those surveyed (32%) are concerned about calories, and 24% are worried about the level of carbohydrates in their food.

Last month, Chancellor George Osborne said “bring it on” to the threat of legal action from drinks firms over the proposed sugar tax.