Foodservice firm 3663 has unveiled a whole host of new Christmas lines including a number of bakery products. These include a Whites Feta and Pesto Tartlet, containing Greek feta cheese and pesto sauce with black olives and rosemary. Also new are Icefresh Orange Cream Enrobed Chocolate Profiterole Bites; Raspberry Trifle Cheesecake; Sidoli Cranberry Rocky Road brownie; and Greenhalgh’s individually wrapped Christmas Fruit Cake Slices, stollen slices, and stollen log.

"Fads like whoopie pies and cupcakes are great for other times of the year, but it is important to keep some tradition in the festive menu," said Isabelle Davis, 3663 marketing manager. "But you can add an interesting twist to it, such as our special trifle cheesecake."