Those Aussies, don’cha just luv ’em? Not content with calling us poms and the Americans seppos, they now have to wade into the argument as to who has the world’s most bonzer cake (see STW July 31). As they would say in Strine, they big-note themselves that it’s London to a brick they’ve cracked the world record, rocking up with a giant coconut-covered, chocolate-soaked sponge cake half the size of a Vee Dub.

Called a Lamington, this little 1.3-tonne ripper took three days to bake and was presented last month for an official weigh-in for the Guinness World Records at the town of Ipswich [northern Australia not Suffolk].

Hundreds of eggs and about 70kg of coconut were used the make the cake, baked to celebrate the national day held in its honour. Apparently Lamingtons are a culinary institution across Australia - we could go into the history here, but we haven’t got space - and are rolled out at citizenship ceremonies, cake stalls and on national holidays. Two utes ferried the cake to homeless people and construction workers so they could bog in, after documentation for the world record attempt. If their skite is fair dinkum, they’ll probably be grinning like a smug fox and crack open a few coldies for a beano; if not, they’ll probably spit their dummies.