Well, as we zoom rapidly away from 2014 and into 2015, I really have a sense of new beginnings. Last year we were moving from back from Australia, and I guess that seemed more like an ending, but this New Year means a new house for me (which allows me to have a cake studio! OH JOY!), and I have set a business plan laid out for my cake business and the classes I hope to run. It’s important to keep ahead of the game as far as trends for weddings and what other cake makers want to learn for their own businesses.

A great place to look into future trends and styles of cakes is obviously the exhibitions. I don’t think I could write this blog at the end of November without mentioning the amazing weekend I had at Cake International at the start of the month! I was thrilled to be there once again as a finalist in the National Cupcake Championships and it was a great excuse to get inspired by the amazing competition entries for the larger cake as well. It’s four years since I last went to this expo, and I was interested to see much less buttercream around the stands. The cupcake seems to be excelling still, but the fondant covered cupcake seems to be the way forward. Promotions were on show of foam and polystyrene domes which mean you can dry a perfect dome and decorate before making the cupcake which I found a great idea, and time saver if you are going to be making 200+ cupcakes for a wedding / event.

Ganached cakes with sharp edges are rapidly coming into fashion in UK cakes, following suit from Australia, and the designs on these cakes are also including the shimmers and metallics which have been popular Down Under for the last few years. I am excited to see this as, presently, I can’t get enough of making shimmered cakes!!

For me, my new 2015 beginnings mean stretching myself to learn a new technique. Christmas came early for me at Cake International and brought me air brush! I am seeing so many novelty cakes now being made using airbrushing to add such realistic colour to models and designs, I really couldn’t resist giving it a go! I just have to get through all the house unpacking before I can get the time to practice!

Wishing you and your business great success in 2015!