ADM Milling has launched a major new premium flour brand.

Castleford is a 100% stone-ground wholemeal flour, made at ADM’s mill of the same name near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. ADM marketing manager Melanie Somerville told British Baker: "This is a significant launch for ADM. The new brand of flour uses only quality and premium protein wheats and retains all the goodness of the bran.

"Made to ADM’s own grist, it provides good flavour and texture for craft and plant breads, with improved bakery tolerances and higher bakery yield. It is also ideal for ethnic breads, cakes and savoury and morning goods."

ADM said its Castleford mill is the oldest stone-grinding mill in the UK using authentic French Burr stones. The same traditional milling methods were used over 110 years ago.

To celebrate the launch of Castleford flour, the new brand has been introduced at a special price. Somerville said: "We are marking the launch of Castleford with an introductory price of £6.95 for a 16kg sack. It represents real value for money."

Head miller Reuben Woolass said: "Castleford is a premium-quality stone-ground wholemeal flour, with natural goodness and flavour. We have 20 pairs of French Burr stones. The stones make all the difference to the flavour and we source plump, premium-quality wheat."

ADM is offering free mar- keting support for the brand, including point-of-sale material.