ADM Speciality Oils & Fats (Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands) has extended its range of low trans fat products to provide a healthier variation to traditional fats in bakery, confectionery and frying applications.

Pura low trans fat shortening consists of unhydrogenated vegetable oils and can be used in cakes, crèmes and short pastry.

The company says the brand offers good mouthfeel and flavour release, while ensuring a shelf-life of six months. It also has a smooth texture and lower oxidation levels, says ADM.

Pura low trans fat margarine for puff pastry features reduced salt levels and no hydrogenated fat. The product contains vegetable oils that are refined, de-odorised and then emulsified with an aqueous phase containing salt. It is then processed to give a firm, smooth texture, making it suitable for hot and cold applications.

For the confectionery sector, ADM has developed Chocovit Plus low trans fat cocoa butter equivalents and cocoa butter improvers. These offer alternatives to highly saturated lauric cocoa butter substitutes and high trans fat cocoa butter replacers. Certain qualities of the brand are compatible with cocoa butter, so the two can be blended.