History: First opened in 1936 by Chris’ father, before Chris joined in 1968. Chris’ son Douglas is also a baker, working at The Cavan Bakery in Hampton, Middlesex

Number of shops: Three in Kent - Strood, Gillingham and Snodland

Number of employees: 17, including six in production and two van drivers

Retail/wholesale split: 60/40. Wholesale customers include restaurants, hotels, pubs and shops. Savoury platters and sandwiches also supplied to local businesses

Product range

Breads: Full range of white and wholemeal loaves, including bloomers, cobs, tin and farmhouse, as well as crusty rolls (best-seller) and baps

Confectionery: doughnuts (best-seller), puff pastries, sponges, Eccles cakes, chocolate cake, Bakewell tarts and sticky buns. Celebration cakes are also an important part of the business

Savouries: sausage rolls (best-seller), meat pies, Cornish pasties