BAKELS (Bicester, Oxon), a supplier of specialist ingredients to the UK bakery market, has relaunched its Sponge Mix Complete range. Both the Plain and Chocolate Sponge Mix Complete have been reformulated as a result of the company’s drive for innovation and emphasis on manufacturing the best products in the market, says the firm. The new improved mixes have been benchmarked against what Bakels customers felt to be the current market leaders.

The perfect sponge needs good volume, consistency and uniformity of shape. This is especially important if the sponge is to be dressed with cream or jam and dusted with icing sugar, says Bakels.

Bakels’ benchmarking showed that the new Sponge Mix Complete produces the best volume sponge on the market, says the firm. No colouring or flavouring has been added, which allows bakers to easily adapt the product to their own recipes.

The products remain easy to use – just add water and mix. However, the reformulation has seen the cost in use of the Plain Sponge Mix Com-plete fall by up to 15%, as the recommended scaling weight has been reduced from 175g to 150g.

The mixes are suitable for all types of mixer and automatic depositor thus making them suitable for use by a small individual baker through to a fully automated operation. Both the Chocolate and Plain Sponge Mix Complete can also be used for the production of Swiss rolls.

To tempt bakers to try the new improved mixes for themselves Bakels is offering a £3 per bag discount, available at all Bakels wholesalers throughout July. The mixes come in 12.5kg bags.