Many years ago, we had a little 500cc Honda Activan for our run-around. One day, the van was being used on a particularly windy country lane, when we had a phone call to say it had "tipped over"! Two of the bakery lads and myself hot-footed it out, to find that the driver had taken a particularly sharp bend a bit too tightly. The van tipped on to its side, with the driver strapped into his seat, covered in jam, doughnuts, crusty rolls and so on. We pushed the van back upright and the driver was able to drive back to the bakery to see if any of his load was retrievable!

Another van driver rang me one day from Chatham High Street, saying, "The van won’t go!" When I got to him, it was easy to see why. He had smashed the front of it into the car in front and a tow to the bakery was the only way back!


When Will the cleaner was asked to leave a note to say what he needed for staff’s break, this is what he wrote: "I have tea and coffee left, but I only have a little chocolate Willy".

On another occasion, Will did not know what to do with some money that had been left in the bakery, so he left a large note out on the baker’s table:

"Thought I ought to hide the money away, so I have put it in the left-hand drawer in your desk upstairs. Willy."

It is hard to understand how Will survived National Service, when he had to seek out land mines in Korea. The only thing we can think of is that he must have had a very intelligent dog with him!