Frozen cookie production at a new UK plant is benefiting from high-volume refrigeration plant supplied by Eurotek (Aylsham, Norwich).

The line at Rich Products’ plant in Hartlebury, Worcestershire, includes a new, made-to-measure, Eurotek spiral freezer and refrigeration plant. This can handle a range of product sizes and weights at a maximum speed of around 2,000kg an hour.

Rich Products transferred its frozen cookie production from Holland to the UK last year – a move that has enabled it to better serve major clients such as Tesco.

Eurotek MD Roger Smith says: “The spiral freezing system offers exceptional flexibility. It can handle large volumes and is well suited to handling product such as cookies, which have been deposited onto sheets of paper.”

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the horizontal airflow spiral freezer is easy to clean and maintain, with a variable speed belt, says Eurotek.