Burton’s Biscuits Company director of sweet estimates new launch Jammie Bakes will be worth £6-7m within a year. 

Toby Baker made the prediction as the Jammie Dodgers derivitive launches in Sainsbury’s today, before being rolled out across the multiples this month.

January saw the launch of sister brand Maryland’s new sub-brand Soft Baked cookies in caramel and choc chunk and double choc chunk. Jammie Bakes come in apricot and the traditional raspberry flavours.

Both launches will be supported by a TV campaign from summer. Soft Baked will launch on screens in June with a £3.5m investment while Jammie Bakes will air from July with a £3m investment, each for four to five weeks before a “second burst” towards the end of 2015 or start of next year.

Baker said: “Soft Baked has done well so far - it is ahead of where we said we would be and feedback had been really positive. Jammie Bakes represent the last of the sweet innovation for this year and now we will focus on the communication to go with it.

“There will more more innovation to come in our savoury brands.”

Burton’s relaunched Fish ‘n’ Chips and Cathedral City Baked Bites last year, which have also been well received, said Baker.

The TV adverts will be filmed by mid-April for the summer launch.