Bakery name: Kuchenmeister in Soest one of the largest mid-market bakeries in Germany and the market leader in ready-made cakes.

Machinery installed: Mettler Toledo Garvens XE3 checkweigher.

Why has it been installed?: To ensure the correct product weight during production.

What does the machinery do?: The XE3 is a compact, economical and efficient checkweighing solution. Equipped with a touchscreen interface, 100 product memories, three weight zones and a large range of options and accessories, this checkweigher is suitable for a broad range of applications in all industry segments weighing products up to 6,000g.

Technical specifications: The XE3 checkweigher is suitable for dynamically weighing products up to 6,000g with an accuracy from ± 200mg and a maximum throughput of 200ppm.

Problems solved: Ensures high product quality, while optimising the production process. The XE3 checkweigher weighs up to 100 cake bases per minute, automatically rejecting those that deviate from the nominal weight of 300g. In an adjacent room, another X3 checkweigher has been installed to control a Dutch cake speciality. This allows for entering and storing various nominal weights and pertinent weight zones in its memory, so that product changeover is particularly quick.

Supplied by: Mettler Toledo Garvens

Telephone number (UK): 0870 066 3150