A Christmas Gift - in 12 Steps
Christmas is traditionally a time for the giving and receiving of gifts and also a time for eating and celebrating. Here at CakeWire we have devised a delicious way of providing a Christmas cake as a gift to help celebrate the festive season.

Fashions change and so do styles of Christmas cake designs, they vary from a very traditional rich fruit cake with deep layers of almond marzipan topped with a crisp white icing, often made to look like a snowy wintery theme, to ones that have a more contemporary and modern feel.

Christmas can also be seen as a time of over indulgence but here we have devised a way of providing the delicious indulgent cake, but only a slice at a time so helping still provide a taste of indulgence but without perhaps a total calorie overload!

This gifting method can also help with affordability as Christmas can be harsh on the pocket as well as heavy on the waistline. With Britain back in recession, more and more people will be looking for value for money and, from a retailer’s point of view, how to also increase the average spend.