"Salt will continue to be a major industry issue in 2009. The Federation of Bakers is very concerned that the new Food Standards Agency (FSA) targets likely to be set for 2012 will be technically impossible for the industry to achieve. The Federation is committed to an ongoing constructive dialogue with the FSA and is voicing its concerns. We hope the FSA will develop some practical proposals moving forwards.

"2009 will see the official abolition of prescribed quantities - the historic end of 700 years of standard loaf sizes. This will have a huge impact on the bread industry and we expect the response of bakers and the feedback of consumers to be a key topic this year.

"We have been listening to the EU plans for Nutrient Profiles and think that significant amendments to the Food Information Proposal will be necessary. A major job for the industry in the coming months will be to ensure we communicate to consumers the value and goodness of bread. We also hope the industry’s National Skills Academy gets off the ground, as we expect it to play a central part in delivering skills the industry needs.

"Finally, we hope that 2009 produces a good wheat harvest in the UK and the rest of the world, providing more stability for the plant bakery industry."