Who said students learn nothing at university any more? Tesco’s Laura Fagan appears to be carving out a niche for herself developing morning-after-leftovers sarnies. Her latest contribution to Britain’s biggest retailer’s shelves is the lasagne sandwich inevitably dubbed the Lasarnie by the News of the World. Last year, Fagan was behind Tesco’s cold fish finger sandwich. Attempts to taste-test this delight were thwarted after it sold out in our local store.

What next? We’re guessing Congealed Baked Beans, Greasy Chow Mein and Stale Margherita. Amazingly, the Lasarnie is by no means the most shocking to emerge this week. That mantle goes to Mark One Foods in the US, whose NPD has taken sandwiches outside the box and into a can. Enough said.