Bread - A Slice Of History

By John Marchant, Bryan Reuben & Joan Alcock, 240 pages

£12.99 Published by The History Press

This book is anything but a slice of history, it’s a loaf at least. It takes the reader through the story of bread, from prehistoric and biblical times to the rise of luxury loaves. For instance, did you know that, in times gone by, the whiter the bread at one’s table, the higher their social status was deemed to be. Also, apparently, the Romans used to actually string up dishonest bakers.

The book looks at the changes the social and technological worlds have had on bread - for example the baking techniques of the Greeks and Romans, the influences of the steam engine and the construction of the Albion Mill. There is also a section on the war years, the boom in sandwiches, foreign influences on bread and the healthy eating trend. If you like bread and history, then wash the flour off your hands and get a loaf of this.

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