The bonanza that was National Cupcake Week saw all kinds of wacky behaviour come to light. On Twitter, two Cupcake Week followers @ksaxoninternet and @SEOMalc battled it out to see who could eat the most cupcakes in one week. By the end of the week @ksaxoninternet had conceded defeat on around 30 cupcakes, while @SEOMalc was actually starting to make his own cupcakes. He wrote: "In a surprising twist of fate, we are making cupcakes. After 50, my body is craving more." Having reached the grand total of his 50th cupcake, he filmed himself eating the last one We don’t envy his sugar levels

And both a Bruce Forsyth Cupcake and a bespangled Dan Lobb cupcake, along with a host of others, appeared on breakfast television programme Daybreak. Now if that doesn’t smack of success, I don’t know what does!