Cereform (Northampton) has re-engineered its doughnut mixes so finished product contains 25% less fat.

The company offers both cake and yeast-raised versions of the reduced-fat doughnut mixes, which it claims taste as good as traditional ‘full-fat’ products.

Cereform says yeast-raised recipes are suitable for moulded, sheeted or extruded production processes and are simple to use requiring the addition of yeast and water.

With their light, even texture, cake donuts are available in made-to-measure formulas, particularly suited to plant bakers or fast-turnover outlets.

Cereform also offers a range of icings and fillings, including quick drying, smooth and shiny dipping icings in vanilla, strawberry, lemon and chocolate flavour.

Cereform’s Shugarwite offers a white finish with a vanilla flavour for a traditional sugar-coated doughnut. Also on offer are caramel and toffee sauces.