Krispy Kreme has launched its ‘Occasions’ big order range for catering events.


The doughnut giant has created an equally giant box of doughnuts to celebrate the launch, by packing a Double Hundred Dozen box of 2,400 of the sweet treats.

A team of eight staff packed the supposed UK’s biggest box of doughnuts, and are offering it to one social media winner.

Judith Denby, chief marketing officer at Krispy Kreme UK, said: “Whether you need a pick-me-up for your staff, catering for an event or even a wedding cake tower, Krispy Kreme offer the ideal solution to mark every occasion.

“We thought the Double Hundred Dozen was the perfect way to get fans of Krispy Kreme excited and show we are now available for big occasions.”

The products can be personalised for customers, and ordered in bulk for corporate events or weddings.

Krispy Kreme will give the mega-box of donuts to a business which tweets ‘@krispykremeUK’, with the news of their upcoming ‘#BigOccasion’, also including their ‘#officename’. The winner will be whichever company gets the most retweets.

Krispy Kreme, backed by the Alcuin Capital Partners, is on an expansion drive, with plans to reach 100 sites by 2016.