Two new cutters, specially developed for the DrieM d’Artagnan Artisanal Breadsheet bread and pizza dough line, are now available in the UK through distributor Benier (UK).

The cutters can produce up to 10,000 baguettes per hour, and aim to create an authentic artisanal look.

The company said that, in order to compensate for the fact that doughs used in artisanal breads are typically more fluid than those used in automated bread plants, the DrieM bread and pizza dough line uses sheeting technology. The dough is reduced through a patented sheeting process, using three progressively tighter sets of rollers to produce the initial undamaged dough sheet.

The technology then sets the dough sheet in length and width to produce the final dough sheet while maintaining the original dough structure.

The new cutters give bakers the opportunity to cut the end of the bread to give the baguettes a more handmade look, said Benier.