Freshly baked bread has won by a nose in a poll of the nation’s favourite smells ahead of bacon and freshly cut grass. 

Cakes baking in the oven (5th place), chocolate (18) and doughnuts (33) also appeared in the country’s Top 50 Smells, which was based on research commissioned by decorating brand Harris. Other more unusual smells to make the list included leather (27) and petrol (36).

Stuart Hobbs, sales and marketing manager at Harris, said: “Smells are all around us and it’s no surprise we have our favourites - as well as a few we cannot stand. It seems it’s the homely smells that are most popular, with bacon, bread and freshly cut grass at the top of the list - all things that can help make a house more warm and welcoming.

“But as well as the ones almost everyone would be happy to say they love, there are a few on the list, which may divide some. Scents like petrol, barbecues and bonfires or cheese can be loved by some, but despised by others.”