Yum Yum Bros Food Company has launched two new bakery brands, targeting both the healthy eating and indulgent snacking sectors.

The Indulge Yourself brand includes bars, slices, bites bags and pots, with bar products including rocky road, tiffins, brownies, flapjacks and caramel shortcake, while the bagged format also contains mini muffins and cookies.

Three flavours of bars and bags have been launched into its new healthier Oh My Goodness range, with mini pots in the pipeline.

"We’ve developed a really good base mix using spelt, flax and oats, and we’re not using any fat for binding we’re using honey and quality invert syrup and relying on fruits to deliver the flavour profile," said director Robin Pearson.

The company’s products are currently being supplied into Welcome Break, Virgin Trains, entertainment centres including Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, farm shops and delis.