Sacher torte originated in Austria in 1832, and is a rich chocolate cake, flavoured with rum. We use it as our staple chocolate celebration cake.


Chocolate ganache

Chocolate sponge

Rum flavoured syrup

Chocolate glaze


1. Carefully cut sponges into level slices of about 1cm thick. You need three layers for each torte. Prepare rum syrup and ganache (whipping cream consistency). Pic A

2. Place 1st layer on to card and sprinkle generously and EVENLY with syrup. B

3. Measure out ganache and spread evenly - slightly more on edges than in the centre. The ganache should be about 4mm thick. C

4. Carefully place on next layer. Make sure it is DIRECTLY above the previous layer, and it is as level as possible. Soak evenly with syrup. D

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Take care to

keep checking that the top layer is as level as possible and that the sides are true. This makes masking and glazing the cake much easier. E

6. Soak the top layer. F

Masking and Glazing

1. Warm the ganache to consistency of lightly whipped cream. Take the torte in hand and apply ganache liberally to edges with palette knife. G

2. Place the torte on a worktop and spread the top generously with ganache. Remove the excess by holding a knife at a 45-degree angle to the torte and smoothing backwards and forwards so that the surface is completely level. H

3. Take the torte in hand and remove excess from the edges. I

4. You should now have a perfect disc of cake. Leave to cool in the fridge.

5. Warm the glaze and pour over cool torte, remove excess with palette knife. J

6. When set, take more glaze and drizzle lines, about 2mm thick, across the surface. K

Top tip: sometimes a layer of apricot jam may be added to the surface of each layer of sponge. We personalise ours with plaques and figures for an instant birthday cake. L