Energy-efficient commercial refrigeration supplier Gram UK, has announced the launch of two new cabinets, to complete its Compact range. The new Compact 210 and 410 models join the existing 610 cabinet, to offer a full range of options that combine low-energy consumption with high quality.

The new cabinets boast a unique air distribution system to maintain a correct and uniform temperature throughout, said the firm. Cold air is directed down the air distribution plate positioned at the back of the cabinet. From there it circulates around the cabinet and back to the evaporator fan at the top of the cabinet, to maintain a consistent temperatures, while drawing as little energy as possible. For example the Compact K410 consumes as little as 256 kWh/year, which at 10p/kilowatt hour, gives an annual electricity cost of just £25.60.

Each cabinet has an outside width of 60cm and a depth of 64cm, and can be built under counters, stacked on top of each other or wall-mounted. The cabinets also feature in-built alarms and emergency programs designed to maintain temperature if a fault was detected, thereby minimising the risk of food degradation until it was rectified.