Zeelandia (Billericay, Essex) supplies release agents and divider oils to craft bakers and industrial manufacturers. The Carlo water-in-oil emulsion benefits from a high viscosity, allowing adhesion and good spraying properties, says the company. Designed for greasing bread tins, it has a beneficial effect on the colour of the bread crust.

The ability to deliver Carlo and the divider oil Ovam in bulk has enabled Zeelandia to introduce a telemetry system that takes much of the effort of controlling such products away, it says.

The system uses radio waves to monitor and evaluate levels of bulk release agents and divider oils, which are essential ingredients to the efficiency of large production lines.

By allowing remote real-time measurements of bulk tanks, Zeelandia is directly able to manage delivery schedules without the direct input of the customer.

Real-time measurements, from a remote location allow for more time effective and manageable control of product levels, says the company, which also supplies ingredients.