What installed? Merit Technology’s Web Sales Management (WSM) module.

Why installed? The bakery had already been using Merit’s Smart Office Manager (SOM) software and, when Merit began trialling its WSM module two years ago, Harry Gow was the first to sign up to the trial.

What can it do? "Web Sales Management has played a vital role in the company’s expansion over the last few years. It basically allows us to analyse individual shop performance," says office manager Maureen Sinclair. "The staff in the shops use it to record their sales for the day and send their orders for the next day in over the internet." Previously, the firm had a member of staff collating all this information, but the automated system means she can use her time more effectively, adds Sinclair.

Other features? The web-based system is accessible from any PC or web-enabled till. There are no upfront software development costs, which allows firms to invest in the growth of their business while reducing overheads through increased efficiency, says Merit.

Any benefits? "The great thing is that every time we open a new shop the money we save increases because there are no additional admin costs for us," says Sinclair. "We’re easily saving 25 man hours a week at our present size."

Supplied by: Merit Technology