Nine men and one woman were “encountered” working illegally at the Anglo-Austrian Patisserie in Wimbledon last Wednesday (15 April).

The UK Borders Agency sealed the exits of the bakery on the Hazlemere Industrial Estate, before entering the building.

Forty people were questioned and employees’ documents were checked and nine men and one woman were identified as working there illegally before being arrested.

The owner of the bakery has been served with of potential liability for employing someone without the right to work, which could result in a fine of £10,000 per employee arrested.

Five of the men - one Ghanaian, two Nigerian, an Eratrean and a Somalian - were arrested on suspicion of fraud or theft. A Malawian failed asylum seeker was also detained pending his removal.

A Macedonian and Ghanaian man who had overstayed visas were also detained pending their removal, one Zimbabwean man was released on immigration bail and a Ugandan woman was taken into custody.

The UK Border Agency’s civil penalties department is dealing with the case.