The in-store bakery (ISB) provides true theatre in supermarkets, encouraging retailers to maximise innovation and introduce increasingly exciting product lines. An integral part of the supermarket offering, the ISB enables consumers to indulge, experiment and enjoy the freshest of craft bakery products in-store.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its brand this year, Délifrance says it is delighted to once again sponsor the In-Store Bakery of the Year category at the Baking Industry Awards. The award invites entry from all ISB managers who can demonstrate a well-tailored product range, good availability and ideas for maximising sales and promoting growth. In addition, judges will be looking for outstanding customer service, good team spirit and excellent management of resources or skills development.

"By entering, ISB teams are contributing further to raising the profile of their expertise, their craft and their value in retail," says Ian Dobbie, MD of Délifrance UK. "In-store bakery is a vital part of the supermarket experience and, through the Baking Industry Awards, we can strengthen the reputation and inspire appreciation of this jewel in the supermarket’s crown, while developing the possibilities ahead for offering choice, innovation and theatre to the consumer."

Délifrance grows and harvests its own wheat and has a portfolio of products that includes speciality breads, Viennoiserie, filled pastries and frozen branded breads and mini pastries. "Délifrance is today, more than ever before, the natural partner for retail ISB," says Dobbie. "In an industry that is developing at an incredible pace, it is vital that those in-store champions, the very people in ISB who not only represent but deliver excellence, innovation, quality and expertise, are recognised and acknowledged by their peers."