The power of the spoken word! In the world of today, with its telephones, microphones, gramophones and talking films, the importance of good speech is increasingly impressed upon us. The selling power of the spoken word may be far above that of the written word. Masters of the art of selling are well aware of this, and do not fail to exploit the advantage. We too must learn the lesson.

There is all the difference between merely taking an order in a shop and being a salesman. The taking of orders for dances and weddings demands distinct ability. Not every woman comes to the confectioner’s with a complete list of what she needs. She welcomes the advice of a capable assistant, and it is in these circumstances that salesmanship has opportunities to show itself.

We must also not forget that in coming to us, the customer has greatly honoured us. Our spoken words should be gracious words; our willingness to serve needs no further incentive.