It is difficult to account for the determined hostility of certain interests to bread-eating. In the broadcast given recently by our foremost dietician Sir John Orr, he stressed the importance of fruit, dairy products and eggs; his remarks as to the value of bread, however, fell short of doing justice to the great energy-imparting virtue of this famous foundation for the ideal diet. Hollywood diets have attained an unusual publicity. So it is of interest to note that Beatrice De Sylva, "Special Beauty Advisor to Famous Stars", is constantly, she states, disabusing the minds of people who have the idea that self-starvation is an essential to beauty. In her opinion any slendering diet must include bread as one of its most important ingredients. Semi-starvation is a very dangerous proceeding, leading to nervous and mental disorders, and, to keep fit in mind and body, a generous diet is a necessity, with bread as an essential groundwork.