When doctors and dentists condemn white bread, they are told occasionally by bakers that they do not know what they are talking about; when faddists cry out for "mother’s" bread, attempts are made to show them that baker’s bread is the superior product. At all times, whatever the complaint, the utmost patience is extended towards the complainant. In fact, many a baker’s roundsman, to keep a customer who takes a few loaves a week, has to put up with rudeness that would cause the average docker or shipyard worker to drop his tools at a moment’s notice. And now the President of the American Bakers’ Convention has come along to press a button that illuminates all these shadows. "As the days go by," he has said, "I am reaching a definite conviction that most of our troubles are not troubles at all, but misunderstandings." Some of us came to the same conclusion a good many years ago.