Apple strudel is thought to have derived from Bavaria or Austria. Made with a very thin elastic and springy pastry and filled with apple, this classic pastry makes a heart-warming winter dessert. The strudel can be sold as a whole piece or portioned as appropriate - we cut each 27-inch strip into 12 portions. We sell ours at £1.80 a slice. Ingredients Strudel paste, sponge crumbs, butter, apple mix* *Apple Mix recipe Mackle apple, chopped apples, cinnamon, raisins, lemon zest Method 1 Make the strudel paste and leave in the fridge over-night. Seal with vegetable oil to avoid drying out 2 Dust liberally with flour. Roll out the dough until very thin (1.5mm thick) 3 Place a cloth or sheet on a table. Take the thin layer and stretch it further so it completely covers the work surface. Hint: use the back of your hands to avoid tearing the dough. Use two people. 4 Gently (the dough is almost see-through at this stage) brush butter over the whole surface. Lay out a layer of sponge crumb about 9cm wide and about 5cm from the edge of the surface. 5 Make a pile of apple mix along the length - we use a triangular mould 27 inches long - and leave a small gap between each one. 6 Carefully lift over and encase the apple in the dough. And roll into a giant "sausage". 7 Tear off each section and tuck the ends in, so the apple is completely sealed 8 Place on trays lined with silicon paper and brush with butter. 9 Sprinkle liberally with icing sugar. It is now ready to bake. 10 Bake at 250?C for 10-12 minutes. Finish off with icing.