Plymouth-based pasty shop Ivor Dewdney has presented loyal customer Derek Ryder with a new mobility scooter after his original one broke.

Ryder has visited the shop every day for more than a year to pick up his favourite pasty, but supervisors Terresa Mitchell and Sue Gamble noticed he was struggling to get into the shop recently after his mobility scooter was damaged.

The supervisors began fundraising to buy him a second-hand mobility scooter by placing a donation jar on the till of the counter so other customers could help.

Gamble told British Baker its customers had been “brilliant” in supporting people and helping Ryder.

“When we told him [that they bought a scooter for him], he started crying and he said that nobody has ever been so nice to him,” she said. “I think he just liked to get out of the flat and pay the shop a visit.”

This is not the first time the shop has fundraised for customers in need.

“There was an old lady who used to visit the shop regularly, who was adored by everyone in the shop. Unfortunately she passed away, and she had no other family,” said Gamble. “Everybody in the shop came together and we raised £1,000 in five days for her funeral.”

“There’s a real community feeling around here. If somebody knows someone is in trouble then they help each other.”