It’s a time-worn tradition for rock stars to stipulate indulgent treats in their contracts to perform gigs - or "riders" as they’re known - and their left-field demands often come to light under headlines like "Madonna insists on 50 cupcakes arranged in shape of her star sign, Leo" (not true, but it’s surely a matter of time). Now news has reached Stop the Week that this practice is filtering down to civilians, specifically one retail landlord in New York who has requested a cupcake rider from his bakery tenant.

The landlord, Jack Resnick & Sons in Manhattan, slipped in a clause when writing up the lease for Crumbs - which has a chain of bakeries - for a dozen of Crumbs’ cupcakes to be delivered to its monthly sales meetings. As if that weren’t cheeky enough, the package must also contain one red velvet cupcake. Owner Jason Bauer is reported to have said: "I obviously picked [the contract] up on the first read and got a chuckle... I wish all landlords took an interest in our business the way they do. With most landlords, you pay your rent and that’s it."

Which brings us to Stop the Week’s rider. We won’t even get out of bed for anything less than a dozen Welsh cakes with all the raisins removed.