Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has launched a new ingredient to help bakers increase the hydration levels of their bread, but without it affecting the dough’s processing abilities.

"Hydra 0.2% is our new product that brings a unique combination of functional ingredients, giving an economical solution with a dosage of 0.2% and is used in addition to your standard dough conditioner. It is an invisible, clean-label solution with a ’wheat flour’ label," explains marketing manager for bakery Anne Lionnet. The firm, part of the Limagrain Group, claims bakers can save money, and improve quality with the use of Hydra 0.2%. "It allows a gain of 4% hydration from a clean-label ingredient," she adds.

Based on a traditional recipe for a French stick, using 100kg flour, 1.8kg salt, 2.5kg of yeast, and 0.5kg of dough conditioner, but increasing the water content by to 64kg, and adding 0.2kg of Hydra 0.2%, the firm said a baker could achieve an overall cost saving of 1%.

LCI has also just launched Westhove LV Rice a gluten-free flour with a low viscosity. It is naturally rich in complex carbohydrates and low in fat, said the firm, and is suitable for use in products such as fruit preparations, dairy products or purées.