BakeMark UK (Wirral, Merseyside) supplies a wide range of non-hydrogenated fats and margarines. These enable food manufacturers to develop baked goods containing lower levels of trans fatty acids (TFAs), says the company. Consumer awareness of the potential health benefits of cutting TFA consumption is driving current demand, adds the firm.

Healthier alternative

The Craigmillar non-hydrogenated range offers a healthier alternative to trans fats, with multi-purpose fats and margarines suitable for all types of pastry production, says BakeMark.

For sweet, savoury and cold short pastry, high performance Non-Hydro Marvello from the Premium Plus range provides a smooth, baked-through butter-like flavour, says the company.

Non-Hydro Skyhigh is an all-purpose pastry margarine ideally suited to sweet or savoury applications. Available from the Performance Fats range, Skyhigh has good lift and is tolerant to temperature extremes.

Non-Hydro Flakit is a consistent margarine, yellow in colour, with good plasticity. It is simple to use in both hot and cold conditions and is suitable for a ‘better-for-you’ treat, such as croissants, brioches and Danish pastries, says BakeMark.