At the time this bread was developed, we were short of prover space and needed another line that required little work, writes master baker Ian Thompson of Newcastle’s Thompson’s Bakery. Paul Marshall a technical friend of ours suggested this product, so we adapted it from an old Italian recipe.

We use our own sourdough, but the quantity can be varied according to taste.



== Ingredients ==


Strong White Flour 1kg

Water 580g

Sourdough 100g

Virgin Olive Oil 25g

Salt 20g

Improver 20g



== Method ==


1. Mix as normal bread, then portion and set aside to ferment and prove. Allow to get very airy and light (approximately 1 hour) then mould until tight and the skin starts to tear - two or three times through the cobb moulder should do it.

2. Then dip into sesame seeds and place on baking trays.

3. Attack with a pair of scissors and put straight into the oven with no rest time.

The result? A fabulous crust, great flavour, and a texture made to mop up soup and gravy.