The Craigmillar range from BakeMark UK (Wirral Merseyside) includes the Rich Celebration Cake Mix, which can be used in traditional and sheet cakes.

Bakers can add their own creative touches by using extra fruit, nuts, marzipan and icings, such as Topice Overwrappable White Icing, says BakeMark.

Bakers and caterers looking for an alternative cake might choose BakeMark UK’s Madeira Cake Mix. This can be used for sheet and traditional cakes or individual and mini cakes.

Shelf-life extension has become the major issue for product development in celebration cakes, adds the company. BakeMark UK’s plain and chocolate long-life cake mixes offer a shelf-life twice as long as some standard mixes, even crème cake mixes, says the company.

BakeMark UK’s Caravan Brill brand includes mixes for less traditional celebration cakes, such as Pudding Cake Base, Chocolate Pudding Cake Base, and Yoghurt Cake Base.