The MX Rotary Rack Oven by Mono (Swansea, West Glamorgan) is electrically powered and with a very small footprint - just 1.92sq m - is also designed around a rotating rack for 30" x 18" trays.

The MX was the first all stainless steel oven to dispense with a traditional steel chassis in favour of a rugged, lightweight, all-stainless steel ’monoque’ construction technique, used in the aerospace industry, claims the firm.

The compact footprint has been further reduced in the latest MX variant to just 1,490mm.

A recent addition to the oven has been the ’ColourSmart’ controller. This gives multi-phase bake management of the newly designated ’MXc’, enabling rapid graphic checks of bake progress through a large user-friendly, colour control panel.

This allows maximum throughput, minimum wastage, and a high-quality result, says the firm.