"With their association with well-to-do society and the fine tradition of Victorian tea rooms, they have acquired a sort of romanticism, which is often lacking in our own patisserie"

- At last! The Italians adopt our Brit bakery treats, with Rome cake-maker Rita Buzzacchi, quoted by Reuters, effusing about our fairy cakes, as the cupcake craze conquers Italy

"We are in a recession and we have to look at economies. We are not freeloaders as councillors and we wanted to make our contribution in a very small way to keeping the council tax down"

- leader of Worthing Borough Council Keith Mercer, in a world-first politicians-give-up-their-perks gesture, as the council moves to give up cakes and sandwiches as part of a cost-cutting exercise

"I am heartened by the strong show of support from my many sponsors"

- We bet you are! Olympic swimming superstar Michael Phelps sighs with relief after a snap surfaced of him inhaling from a bong. Sponsor Subway then delayed a US advertising campaign featuring Phelps, but says he "remains in our plans"